POW-MIA Express Train Collection

Moving down the track with dignity and power, the POW MIA Express is dedicated to the soldiers who are American prisoners of war, or are still missing and unaccounted for. A portion of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to help families of POWs and those missing in action.

POW-MIA Express Train Collection

Price: $79.99 US Each Issue



This POW MIA Express collectible train set is precision handcrafted with authentic detailing and important features – including solid metal chassis and steel alloy wheels – designed to last.

The journey of memory and hope begins with Issue One, the POW MIA Diesel Locomotive. Soon, your collection will continue with Issue Two, POW MIA You Are Not Forgotten Engine which includes a FREE HO gauge track, and Issue Three, POW MIA Dome Car which includes your FREE power pack. Additional coordinating POW MIA train cars, each a separate issue, will follow.

Each train car in this collection is detailed with powerful POW MIA images and words to remind us of the lost and the fallen – soldier heroes who have paid a high price to keep us free.

Plus, the locomotive headlights and inner compartments really light up, providing an illuminating tribute.

It makes Important POW MIA memorabilia to own, or makes an unforgettable support gift for this worthy cause.


  • Certificates of Authenticity
  • Individual train cars run on HO train track, complete oval track measures 38″ x 56″; 96.5 cm x 142.2 cm


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